Things to know about micro influencer marketing

Never heard of influencer marketing? Well, the terminology might be new to you but the concept may not. . How many times have you bought something just because your favorite celebrity is the brand ambassador of the brand?  Influential marketing is a type of marketing which targets influential people than a market as a whole. What about micro influencers? I am coming to that. As the name suggests, micro influencer marketing is the same as influencer marketing just that it is on a smaller scale. It builds a partnership with influential people who have less number of followers in social media as stated by social media services in Sydney.


Why micro influencer marketing?

  1. Improves search ranking: the most important benefit of all, influential micro marketing improves search ranking. The number of followers increases within a month which in turn increases the sales.
  2. Generates likes: If the posts are customized, the number of likes can increase to thousands within weeks.
  3. Engaging audiences: challenges, contests etc can boost publicity and this can draw as well as keep the audiences engaged.
  4. Authentic content: Although the number of followers for micro influencers may be lesser than celebrities, their content would be authentic and trustable.

Points to remember

We all get excited when we find a solution to a problem. But the solution will be effective if and only if it is handled in a particular way. The same applies to micro influencer marketing. True micro it is a good option to publicize your brand but there are some things to be considered seriously before moving on with it.

  1. While choosing the micro influencers make sure they are already using the products of your brand. This way their followers are better convinced in buying them.
  2. There must be a story to your brand that can attract your audience. A mere photo of the product may never hook them anymore.
  3. Long-Term campaigning is required for your brand to be clicked. Make sure it is ongoing.
  4. Use sponsored posts; they increase engagement. This is one of the ways in which micro influencer campaigning works.


Everything comes with pros and cons. Although micro influencer marketing can be very effective, it has its own risk factors involved. You need to be smart enough to solve them. The disadvantages of micro influencer marketing and its solutions are given below:

1. These days, people are competing with each other to have the most number of followers. In such a scenario, it is pretty difficult to find a micro influencer.

Finding the right micro influencer based on the right amount of audience is quite a tiring and tedious process.


A: Begin with people who follow your brand- This may help in a lot of ways

B: Use hashtags to facilitate the search. Who does not use them these days?

C: Prefer local influencers- this is quite a smart approach.

D: take the assistance of automated search tools. There are plenty available on the internet.

2. Micro influencers are very hard to work with.  We need a couple of micro-influencers to market effectively. This requires follow-ups and personal communications. This is a call for investing time and effort.

3. Fake followers: These days in a rush to have the maximum number of followers, people can have fake followers.

4. Fake likes: If fake followers are possible, then why not fake likes? Check the profile well before choosing the person as your micro influencer.

5. Instagram pods: Beware of this cluster of people who promise to like each others’ posts; a kind of mutual agreement.

6. Bot users: This is an automated system that can review people’s posts and like them. This is a way of gaining followers rapidly.

micro influencer marketing

How to build strong relations with the micro influencers?

Micro influencers play a huge role in giving publicity to your brand. You have to maintain strong relations with them in order to ensure that that happens.  So regularly contact and collaborate with them. Moreover, they expect some compensation or to put it in the right way, commission for what they provide the brand. One of the mistakes that majority of the brands make is that they fail to provide the micro influencers with what they expect from them. To be fair when it comes to their compensation.

Make sure that you inquire about their expectations on their compensation and try to meet that as much as possible.  Beware! Not all influencers look for money. Do not make a wild guess and provide them with money and make them disappointed.  A discount to your brand products exclusively for them can help make the bonds stronger! The micro influencers know their followers better than you. They know what they will like or not. Do not try to take the freedom to create the content away from them! If confused take help of digital agency in Australia.


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