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Why Shopify is so popular for ecommerce website development?

As we all are developing and moving towards urbanization more number of people have started to work. Not only men in the family but the women have also started to earn money for the house. As everything has is becoming unaffordable with just one person working in the house. As both the house heads go out to work the amount of time they can spend doing other chores in the house has reduced and shopping for the house has become more difficult for everyone. To make this job easier for everyone we have come up with e-commerce: where people can sell or buy products over the internet through their phones. Shopping and opening new companies have become easier now as new e-commerce companies are emerging.

Even digital marketing company in Sydney are helping clients to build e-commerce websites and helping them to sell product on the internet.

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These e-commerce companies not only allow this facility but a lot more for example:

  • Direct online shopping from retail sellers: these will have a lower amount of money to be made as the middle man is absent and also the transport charger for each retail shop would be reduced. The reliability of the product being delivered would be high for the customer as its coming directly form the retailer. Therefore, it would be more trustworthy.
  • Buying and selling businesses: this would become easy as the buyer can look at all the options that are available to buy at one in the same place instead of searching everywhere for the similar kind of businesses. They can compare companies and choose the profitable one to buy and continue to sell the products of the company on the same platform.
  • Currency exchanges would be easier: customers don’t have to change their currency every time they purchase their goods they can transfer the money online and it would directly get converted into the other currency there would be a lot of time that would be saved, and the customer can purchase products from different countries more easily now.
  • Marketing of the company: the marketing aspect would be easier as even if the customer would visit the website for one company they might land up in many others which would provide them with better offer and once some people start using the company many people would come to know about the company which would then act as a marketing tool for the company. They can also send personalized mails to the customer every time they have made changes in the company or have new offers which might interest the customer to purchase the products.
  • Don’t have to make individual websites for every company owned by the same people: the many companies that you operate with would be under the same platform which would make it easier for you to operate and keep a check on. People would find it easier to access all the websites for different category of products in the same place. The more it gets to operate these e-commerce companies more people would start to use it.

Using this concept some people came together to make this ecommerce company called shopify which a lot of people have come to know and are using comfortably.

Shopify came into existence in 2004 when opening snowdevil an online store for snowboarding equipment didn’t work out Tobias lutke opened shopify because he was not satisfied with the ecommerce products that were in existence. Shopify is an online platform for merchants to sell their products. It is a Canadian ecommerce company located in Ottawa. Now shopify has more than 600,000 merchants using its platform. Shopify has remained in the market for quiet sometime now even with its competitors trying to take over. There have been a lot of companies like shopify which have emerged in the recent years serving as competition to them.

Shopify became famous because they did not let the large companies sell their program in their company but gave an opportunity for the smaller companies or startup companies to make their products more popular among the crowd. All that the companies needed was a website with a good web page where people would find it easy to search and get things easily. Shopify made it easy for people to shop as there were a variety of companies under it, they just had to visit this one place for all their requirements.

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The main reason for Shopify to become popular for ecommerce website development was because they provided a wide range of options they provide when creating a webpage. This is not given anywhere else. they have all the website design experts who help the merchants to choose a web design which is unique like the products that they are going to sell on Shopify. They make sure that your web design is a mirror image of the company’s goals and the kind of products that they sell. Most of shopify experts are ecommerce website design companies in Sydney. For example: echic, jaboo etc.

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